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Funeral stationery

Treasured keepsakes to help people remember your loved one. We can help you write, design and print any stationery you need.

Orders of service

The order of service tells people everything that will happen during the service. It is the most important piece of stationery.


There is no set format for an order of service – some people choose to keep it very simple, others like to include lots of detail, photos or stories.

Along with the celebrant taking the service, we will help you to plan the order of service. You can also read our guide to planning a funeral service or download the guide as a PDF:


You can choose from a number of different designs, but each one can be personalised to create a beautiful tribute to your loved one.

Other mourning stationery

We can also design and supply a range of other stationery, including:

When you need to order stationery

For the order of service, and if you would like to have announcement cards, we need to firm these up as soon as possible.

Other stationery can be discussed later. Generally we need at least 5 working days’ notice to be able to design and print things before the funeral.

Providing your own stationery

You can of course provide your own stationery and we will be happy to help you with the content. Your Funeral Director will tell you when we need to have any items for the funeral.

Special printing requirements

If you want something unique that we can’t produce internally, our local printing firm can make it happen. They can produce stationery with things like special paper and card stocks, special inks, die-cutting and foiling. These take longer to make, so if you do want anything special, please tell us as early as possible to check if it can be done in time for the funeral.

Stationery and sustainability

We use modern energy-efficient printers with wax-based toners – which have a much lower environmental impact than traditional toner. The papers we use for funeral stationery are sustainably sourced and accredited.

Need support or reassurance?

Or want to ask a question. We’re here for you at any time of day or night.

What to do when somebody dies

A guide explaining the practical steps you need to take following the death of a loved one, and information about financial support.

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