Funeral charges

Our fees

Our service, support and administrative charge includes all administration, staffing and facilities.

This covers all our professional services, the obtaining of all documents, completing same and forwarding to the appropriate authorities. Your Funeral Director’s attention to details regarding arrangements and supervision throughout. The conveyance of the deceased to our Private Chapels of Rest, at anytime, night or day, and within a 10 mile radius of our premises. Corresponding with all parties in relation to the funeral; preparing and submitting press notices; receiving floral tributes and handling In Memoriam donations; attending to all documentation and disbursements.

Whilst in our care, the administering of minor hygienic treatment, supplying and fitting of a plain polished coffin with interior set and matching robe and the use of our Chapel of Rest until the funeral. Provision of a hearse, four bearers and the attendance of your funeral Director at the funeral.

Our standard funeral charge includes our York coffin which is a plain polished coffin, with suitable fittings and handles. We have a large range of coffins available that you can choose from and a price is available for any of these on request.

We can provide funerals for you at other times or, if you wish, elsewhere in the county and across the country. Such arrangements are by special quotation.

If you would like to discuss our services, the best way is to meet a member of our staff. We can visit you in your own home or you can come to one of our funeral offices – whichever is more convenient for you.


Disbursements are the fees which we pay (on your behalf) in order to secure the services provided by third parties in order to carry out the funeral. These will most often include some or all of the following: Doctor’s fees; Celebrant’s fees; Cemetery charges; Crematorium fees, a post-funeral reception and such like.

The disbursements are added to our charges in order to arrive at the final funeral charge.

Supplementary services

We can also provide you with a range of other services beyond those outlined on this page including:

  • Conveyance of the deceased person to their home or their church prior to the funeral ceremony.
  • Alternative funeral hearses and transport including horse drawn hearse.
  • Orders of service, funeral stationery and flowers.
  • Arranging and attending cremated remains interments.

Visit our services overview to see the complete range of services available. If you would like to discuss these extra services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Funeral charges

Some charges are standard whilst others change based on the type of funeral, it’s location and any particular preferences you have. If you would like to discuss prices in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Although every effort will be made to maintain these prices, it may be necessary from time to time to pass on certain additional charges. Fees will be charged at the prices stated by the appropriate Authority at the time. A full written estimate of Funeral Charges and Disbursements will be given or sent to the applicant for all funerals arranged by us. No VAT is charged on top of these charges as funerals and associated services are exempt.

Standard Funeral Charges

Without Limousine £2,500.00
With One Limousine £2,650.00
Full Hygienic Treatment £185.00
Use of our chapel for a service £100.00
Surcharge for funerals outside of 9am to 5pm P.O.A.

Burial Disbursements

All burials are different, due to location (churchyard or cemetery), variation in fees and many other factors. Therefore we are unable to publish third party fees in relation to a burial. These fees will be quoted at the time of arranging a funeral. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a burial.

Cremation Disbursements

Doctors cremation papers - if applicable £164.00

Chichester Crematorium Disbursements

Adult cremation including organist £1,070.00
Adult cremation at 8.45am only – Tuesday to Thursday £910.00
Non attendance cremation - 8.15am/8.20am only. £499.00
Minister fee - crematorium only inc. expenses £214.00
Church service followed by cremation (plus cremation fee) £242.00
+ Organist, verger and heating (seasonal) inc. expenses P.O.A.

Worthing Crematorium Disbursements

Adult cremation £995.00
+ Organist P.O.A
Early service up to and including 10am £735.00
Cremation only - no service £499.00
Minister fee - crematorium only inc. expenses £224.00
Church service followed by cremation (plus cremation fee) £252.00
+ Organist, verger and heating (seasonal) inc. expenses P.O.A.

Direct cremation

This service consists of the conveyancing of the deceased to our private Chapels of Rest, arrangement of cremation papers, care and preparation of the deceased, and the supplying of a plain, polished, fully lined and fitted coffin. Hearse direct to the crematorium, no service at the crematorium, a simple ashes urn and return of ashes.

This is a fixed price service that allows you the freedom to hold a funeral or celebration of life as and when you choose. There would be no ceremony at the crematorium on the day of the cremation.

Direct cremation £1,550.00
Doctors cremation papers - if applicable £164.00
Chichester Crematorium, Cremation only - no service £499.00
Worthing Crematorium, Cremation only - no service £499.00

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