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Keeping you safe during COVID-19

Information about any changes to our services and what we’re doing to keep our customers and staff safe.

Last updated: 11.11.2021

We know how hard it can be to lose a loved one, even more so during these difficult and different times. So we’re doing everything we can to make sure we can still offer you the advice and services you need and can still deliver dignified and respectful funerals for your loved ones.

We have had to adjust the way we work and we are not able to provide every service in the same way we usually would. This is constantly changing, so we’ll talk you through everything you need to know when you contact us.

Safety measures and hygiene

To keep everyone who visits us and works for us safe during the pandemic we have introduced safety measures at all our offices and chapels of rest in line with government guidance.

  1. First and foremost, if you are self-isolating, have symptoms, or have COVID, you must not leave home to visit our offices. We do not ask visitors about this, but we do expect them to do this for the safety of others.
  2. If you visit one of our offices, please visit on your own wherever possible. Please be considerate about social distancing, and if you are able to, please wear a mask. Our staff will be doing the same during your appointment.
  3. Hand sanitiser is provided for your use (please use it on arrival) and handwashing is available if you need to use our facilities.
  4. The safety of our staff is of paramount importance to us as only our accounts team are able to work from home. We have invested heavily in PPE equipment, encourage the use of hand sanitiser and hand washing throughout the day, and have arranged for them to join the vaccine program. The majority have already had their first jab.
  5. We have always been incredibly diligent about cleaning and operate to the highest hygiene standards across all our locations. We have however implemented additional cleaning processes and procedures in line with guidance from Public Health England.
  6. We are still operating our chapels, under guidance from Public Health England, SAIF and the NAFD.

Meeting with us

Arrangements for funerals and funeral plans will, as much as possible, take place by phone and over video calls. We’re set up for most video call platforms so can use whichever one is easiest for you.

Our offices are open. However, we continue to operate customer visits by appointment only and only when absolutely necessary. When it is felt to be necessary, we can make you an appointment for a face-to-face visit. All visitors will be required to adhere to the safety measures we have in place.

If you are unable to arrange a funeral or funeral plan with us by phone, over video calls, or by visiting one of our offices, home visits are still available. The funeral director who visits you will wear a mask and maintain social distancing. We ask that the number of people we meet with is kept to a minimum and that they all do the same.

Please ensure there is enough space where we will be meeting to allow for social distancing. We’re aiming to keep home visits as brief as possible to limit contact time so please be prepared for our visit. We may need to return at a later time to get forms signed.


Currently, we are able to offer both burial and cremation services. Some services and aspects of the funeral may be restricted, but rest assured, our Funeral Directors will work with you to arrange the best funeral they can for your loved one.

There are currently no restrictions in place regarding funeral attendance.
The current guidelines for funerals allow for a maximum of 30 mourners (dependent upon the venue). Who can attend should be limited to close family and friends. Everyone who attends must follow social distancing guidelines and any additional measures required by the venue.

Spending time in our chapel of rest with your loved one is still possible. It must be by prior appointment and any safety measures we have in place should be followed during a visit. We are working to support families as much as we can so please discuss any visits you would like to have with your funeral director.

If your loved one passed away with COVID 19, there are extra restrictions in place on viewings. If this is the case, please let us know and we will take you through the current guidance from Public Health England.

We are still able to offer our limousines if you wish to use them. After every use we carry out a thorough deep clean, we’ve fitted each vehicle with a partition screen between the driver and passengers and all passengers –unless exempt– will be required to wear a face mask during the journey.

We know how important it is for many families to bearer their loved one into the funeral venue themselves. Where possible we will assist in making this happen, however, some venues do not currently permit it. Those that do, have rules on the wearing and disposing of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that must be strictly followed. Please don’t make any arrangements with family and friends until your funeral director has discussed it with you.

If you would like to collect charitable donations in memory of your loved one, the safest way to do this is through our online service which we provide free of charge.

We continue to manage the return of ashes for our customers. They can be collected from one of our offices by appointment, or we can arrange to have them delivered to you.

Funeral plans

You can still arrange a funeral plan with us but most of the arranging will need to happen by phone and over video calls. You can find information about our funeral plans or request an information pack on our website. If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss a funeral plan, please contact us.

Questions about COVID?

If you have any questions about changes to our services or how we’re managing the coronavirus situation, please feel free to contact us. For the latest national guidance please visit the government website to find out more.

Funeral arranging

We’ve been caring for bereaved families for more than 150 years. In that time we’ve learnt a lot about how to help families say a fitting goodbye to their loved ones.

Funeral plans

Planning for later life is never an easy thing to do, but it can be comforting and reassuring to know that you’ve taken care of your arrangements, including your funeral.

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