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Whether you’d like something elegant or extravagant, classic or contemporary, we’ll help you find the perfect floral tributes for your loved one.

Crafted with the utmost care

From a simple wreath or posy to elaborate displays, shapes and words. Our trusted local florist will handcraft the floral tributes with the utmost care, using the highest quality flowers. As with everything, we can help you balance what you’d like with costs.

What flowers to order

On top of the coffin

Most people choose to have flowers to go on top of the coffin. Flowers aren’t essential though, you could also have something else, like a hat, or a flag or scarf draped over the coffin.

Alongside the coffin

You can also have flowers that go alongside the coffin in the hearse. You can order these yourself, or invite other people to send them.

Depending on the size and shape of the floral tributes, there is space in the hearse for around 4 to 6 floral tributes alongside the coffin. If you think there will be lots of floral tributes, an additional ‘floral hearse’ may be needed to transport them.

Who should send flowers

It’s completely up to you. You can:

  • ask for family flowers only,
  • invite specific people to send them,
  • ask people to send donations instead of flowers,
  • make flower ordering available to anyone who would like to send them,
  • or a combination of the above.

How to order flowers

You can order floral tributes in person, over the phone, or through our online service.

However you prefer to order, we recommend a visit to our online service to have a look at the options and see what different tributes cost.

Browse or order floral tributes online

Customising floral tributes

Prefer to change the carnations? Not a problem. Want to match a sports team’s colours? Of course. Want something very bespoke? We can do that. All floral tributes are made to order and can be adapted to suit your preferences.

There is a box for special requests when you order flowers online, or you are welcome to call us to discuss what you’d like.

Seasonal availability and sustainability

If you’d like to use seasonal flowers, please let your funeral director know – we are always happy to do what we can to limit our carbon footprint.

When you need to order by

You can order floral tributes online up to 36 hours before the funeral service starts.

We may be able to help with a late order depending on what you want. Please call us as soon as possible and we’ll try to help.

Providing your own floral tributes

If you wish to order flowers from elsewhere, or to supply your own flowers, please tell your Funeral Director. We will help you to make sure everything is where it needs to be at the right time.

After the funeral

After a burial, flowers often stay on the grave. You can also keep them or donate them to a hospital or nursing home.

After a cremation, you can choose to keep the flowers, have them displayed at the crematorium, have them cremated with your loved one, or donate them.

If you’d like to donate the flowers, we can do that for you. We’ll collect all the tribute cards and return them to you, and the flowers will be used to create new displays for residents and patients.

A selection of available tributes

Need support or reassurance?

Or want to ask a question. We’re here for you at any time of day or night.

What to do when somebody dies

A guide explaining the practical steps you need to take following the death of a loved one, and information about financial support.

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