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Coffins and caskets

Beautifully handwoven and traditional wood, to woollen, brightly coloured or one with your own photos or design. We’ve handpicked a range of lovingly crafted coffins and caskets so there’s something to suit every personality.

How do you choose the right coffin or casket?

There are no set rules. Your funeral director can talk you through all of the options and help you choose a coffin that suits. Here are some things to think about:

  • The type of funeral

    Some burial sites and crematoriums have rules on the types of materials they allow. For example, you can’t use a metal coffin or fittings for a cremation. Natural burial sites will need a biodegradable coffin. Your funeral director will tell you about any requirements based on the type of funeral you choose.

  • Cost

    Solid wood coffins and caskets typically cost more than chipboard, woven or cardboard-based. If you need to, we can help you find the right balance between cost and the type of coffin you’d like.

  • The environmental impact

    We try to source ethical coffins and caskets with a lower impact on the environment, but of course, the impact varies across our range. For example, a wooden coffin will have a higher impact than one made from recycled cardboard.

    Your funeral director will be able to tell you the credentials of any of our coffins. You can also read more about where we source our coffins below.

Our coffins and caskets

Wooden coffins and caskets

The majority of our wooden coffins and caskets are British made, from high quality, sustainably sourced woods. You can choose from solid wood or veneer, with styles ranging from contemporary and simple through to highly ornate. A few examples are shown below.

Woven coffins

Our woven coffins come in a range of natural materials, including willow, seagrass, wool, banana leaves and bamboo. They can also include different colours and accents to really give the coffin a personalised feel.

Picture coffins

Picture coffins are perfect for when you want something highly personalised. You can choose from a range of designs or use your own photos. Images are printed onto paper, then wrapped and bonded onto the coffin. The paper and wood are FSC accredited and there is a completely biodegradable option.

Picture coffin

Coffin plates and fixings

A range of fixings and custom-designed plates can be attached to most types of coffin and casket. Both religious and non-denominational symbols and accessories are available.

A small selection of the available plates and fixings

More information

All our coffins and caskets have been carefully selected with the environment in mind. If you are keen to minimise your personal impact our funeral directors can advise you on the sourcing and production across our range.

  • Wooden coffins and caskets from JC Atkinson are largely made from FSC certified British timber.
  • Natural Woven Products use only sustainable and biodegradable materials such as seagrass and banana leaves.
  • Somerset Willow grows all their own willow on their farm in Somerset which supports a biodiverse habitat for many animals.
  • Some suppliers commit to ethical and regenerative work practices through schemes like Groundwork.

If you’d like to see any material samples, plates or fixings, please feel free to drop into any of our offices.

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