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Memorial masonry

The selection of a memorial is very personal and our aim is to make it easy for you to choose one that is a fitting tribute to your loved one. Our skilled staff provide an extensive range of memorials in many different types of stone to suit the majority of requirements. We can also design and produce individual memorials if you have a specific need.

Masonry designs

Our expert stonemasons work in many different materials to provide an extensive range of choices. Beyond the standard range, they can also design and create bespoke memorials to your own specifications. They will work with you to transform your ideas into a beautiful and functional memorial. A common request is to include an official badge or a family crest. For an extra special touch, we can even turn a child’s drawing into a design suitable for use on a vase, desk or memorial.

Types of memorial

A selection of our most popular memorials across the standard range is shown below.

Useful information

To see the full range of memorials you can drop into one of our offices to view a printed brochure or you can download the digital version below.

No. We do of course provide masonry for customers who’re arranging funerals with us, but we also provide masonry services to anyone who requests them.

The choice of material may be affected by the location of the proposed memorial. For example, a marble memorial under a tree could result in staining from tree sap or decaying leaves. In this case, it would be better to use granite which is virtually non-porous. Do remember that natural stone, by its very nature, will vary in colour.

Your choice of lettering may depend on the material you choose. Gilded letters typically work better on a dark polished stone, whereas cut and painted letters are better suited to lighter granites or marbles. We will advise on the style of lettering and wording of the inscription to help you get the best result.

In the case of an existing memorial, it will probably be necessary to remove it from the grave prior to the funeral and we recommend that we keep it safely for you. This will enable us to provide an accurate estimate of costs for the necessary work.

Separate vases can be obtained to match most memorials. We are able to provide marble statues of Jesus, Mary The Virgin, cherubs and angels as well as statues of your own design.

Photo plaques are available in different styles and colours. A good quality photograph is required from which to work.

The type of memorial that can be placed is governed by the regulations in place at the churchyard or cemetery. These often specify the height, width, depth and material that can be used. All memorials must be approved by the relevant authorities. A permit application will be completed by us and submitted on your behalf. Approval must be received prior to the memorial being placed in situ.

Whether from a fallen branch, an overzealous lawnmower or intentional vandalism, headstone insurance ensures you have the funds to arrange a speedy restoration or replacement. Public liability is also included in a headstone policy. Should someone hold you responsible for an injury caused by a headstone you own, legal representation and any damages that may be awarded are covered.

We can provide you with an application form for a Headstone Insurance policy. You do not have to take out this specific policy, other policies and providers are available.

Regular maintenance will preserve a memorial and prevent costly repair work in the future. We can provide you with a cleaning contract as part of a memorial purchase that ensures the memorial is cleaned twice a year. Our team can also provide a comprehensive range of masonry restoration and maintenance services on request.

Arrange a memorial with us

Whether you’re planning a funeral, exploring options for a funeral plan, or just getting round to having a memorial made up, our team is ready to help you.

Funeral plans

Planning for later life is never an easy thing to do, but it can be comforting and reassuring to know that you’ve taken care of your arrangements, including your funeral.

Bereavement care and support

Whether you need emotional or practical support there is plenty of help out there. Explore our directory of services to find out what’s available.

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