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Funeral information for the late
Anva Luc

Anva, passed away on Thursday 23rd December 2021 aged 60.

  • Attendance

    Family and friends only

  • Type of service

    Church service

  • Church service

    Wednesday 26th January 2022 at 1:30pm

    St George’s Church – Chichester
    Cleveland Road
    PO19 7AD

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  • Floral tributes

    Ordering floral tributes is not publically available for this funeral. Unless you have been contacted by the family, we ask that that you do not try to order any.

  • Funeral number

    BBCH 222

Photo of Mr Anva Luc
Mr Anva Luc
12.04.1961 - 23.12.2021

Remembering Anva

An online memorial page has been created to remember Anva and help friends and family mourn his passing. Share your thoughts, memories, stories and photos in celebration of his life.

Bereavement care and support

Whether you need emotional or practical support there is plenty of help out there. Explore our directory of services to find out what’s available.

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