Types of funeral

Reynolds Funeral Service is able to provide a number of different services or ceremonies that help to make the day more unique. We are experienced in arranging funerals for all, regardless of religion, faith or culture and in organising non-religious funerals.

The funeral service

The funeral service plays an important role in helping a family to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. We are here to assist you to make all the necessary arrangements and will organise a dignified funeral service in accordance with your wishes.

We have produced a booklet, which is for guidance only. It offers examples of prayers, psalms, readings, poems, hymns and popular music suitable for inclusion in a funeral service or ceremony. You are welcome to use any of these and then discuss your requirements with your chosen funeral service officiant. If you are looking for something to include that is not shown within these pages then please feel free to contact your designated funeral director with your requirements.

If you require assistance with the arranging of the order of service, we will be pleased to guide you in this respect. The booklet can be downloaded below or you can contact us to receive a hardcopy.

Bereavement and belief

Faiths, beliefs and cultural practices form a fundamental part of the lives of many people in the UK. These beliefs and practices often become more significant when faced with a bereavement.

We live in a diverse society and although there is an awareness of different cultures, faiths and beliefs many generalisations are made which can be misleading. Throughout the world the cultural, social and religious backgrounds of people can vary considerably as can their personal convictions and lifestyles.

In order to provide a culturally sensitive funeral service, an informed understanding of the varying beliefs and values of individuals is essential. We are glad to work with people from any faith and background and your Funeral Director will be able to give you more detailed information when you speak with them.

Non-religious funerals

Often funerals that we arrange are what are classed as “traditional”. This means that they follow the established rites of a particular religion, generally including a service led by a recognised religious minister at an established place of worship followed by burial or cremation.

Increasingly there are more funerals, which often retain an element of religion, whether it be a hymn, a prayer, or the services of a minister of religion. However there is a degree of personalisation and celebration of an individual’s life, which is often expressed through music, words, flowers, or simply coffin decoration.

A large proportion of funerals we arrange are what are classed as non-religious which may be led by a humanist officiant, or family and friends of the deceased. These funeral ceremonies tend to focus exclusively on the deceased, celebrating their life, their personality and their achievements.

Green and woodland funerals

Green and woodland burial grounds are becoming more popular with those who are looking for an alternative to traditional cemeteries or graveyards.

Woodland burial grounds are natural settings such as meadows or wooded areas, which can offer more beautiful, tranquil resting places. They tend to involve the planting of a natural memorial, such as a tree and the placing of a simple wooden plaque instead of a traditional headstone.

There is also a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the environment and encouraging native wildlife and flowers

Requests for more environmentally friendly coffins manufactured from recycled or responsibly sourced materials are still very much in their infancy but are set to grow. We can offer ‘green’ eco-friendly coffins, your Funeral Director will be happy to discuss this with you further.

Cremated remains

There are a variety of choices available as to the final resting place of your loved one’s cremated remains. We will explain all the various options when making the funeral arrangements with you.


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