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Memorial aftercare

As well as providing memorial masonry we can offer you a range of services to restore and maintain memorials. We can deal with everything from simple cleaning right through to a complete renovation. You can take out these services from day one, or request them as and when required.

Services available

  • Cleaning
  • Renovation
  • Repair
  • Polishing
  • Maintenance

For further information about these services please ask your funeral director or contact your nearest Reynolds office.

About memorial aftercare

One of the most commonly asked questions is:

“How do I clean this stone?”

Although the cleaning of a gravestone may seem quite simple, this is not always the case. Every time a historic stone is cleaned, some of the stone’s surface is removed in the process. Clean it too often, and all the inscription and details may be washed away!

Before any cleaning may begin, it must be determined what the objective of the proposed cleaning project is. Most people’s first desire is to ‘restore’ the stone or to make it look new again. But,  upon further consideration, it may not be desirable to have a new looking stone in an old graveyard. It is likely to stand out like a sore thumb!

Whether your headstone or gravestone is made of granite, marble, limestone or another natural material, your memorial may become susceptible to the weather over time. Sun, rain and wind may cause eventual marking or erosions to your monument which is why our team offer a complete renovation and repair service in order to keep your memorial looking it’s very best.

Our expert stonemasons can offer a simple memorial clean and polish package to a complete renovation of your headstone, which could involve re-gilding or re-cutting the inscription.

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