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Our Loved Ones memorials

Commemorate the life of a loved one with our forever-free online memorials. They’re simple to setup and allow friends and family to share their thoughts, stories and photos.

What is Our Loved Ones?

Our forever-free online memorial pages let you express your thoughts and share your cherished memories through words and pictures about those you have lost.

No matter how far away family and friends are, they can all make a contribution. Perhaps by posting old pictures from days gone by or by sharing a special story that has never been heard.

Central to how we designed the service was making it as easy to use as possible. We do help our customers to set up memorials, but our aim is that users of any ability can confidently create memorials.

Why we created it

Our strapline is ‘Our family caring for yours’ and staying true to that mission, we decided an online space would be an excellent way for friends and family who may not be able to attend a service, to say their goodbyes and feel part of the funeral.

We also recognised that traditional obituaries and notices printed in newspapers no longer had the same reach as they once did. We do still help our customers to publish those, but our online memorials can reach a lot more people at a much lower cost.

Another decision we made was to allow anyone to publish a memorial at any time. Similar services have complex pricing systems and all sorts of advertising mixed in. We felt these things diluted the experience of an online memorial and the focus should be on celebrating someone’s life rather than leveraging it to generate revenues. So users do not need to be a customer of Reynolds and the person who the memorial is for does not need to have recently passed.

Making it personal

Similar online services limit the ways you can personalise a memorial page. We provide eight colour themes, six font styles and over 100 background images to help you personalise your memorials.

As well as the message wall, features include space for an obituary, a gallery of photos and a map showing the final resting place with location notes to help visitors find it.

Useful information

Our Loved Ones has been designed with security in mind. Your personal data is properly encrypted and for added peace of mind, every memorial and memory that is published is checked by our team. If we find anything inappropriate we will remove it.

Yes. When we decided to create Our Loved Ones, keeping it free was one of the things we set in stone. The memorials service is not how we generate our revenues so we are not dependent on it and we regard it as an investment in our brand.

We have some ideas about enhancing and improving the service in the future, but we do not intend to remove anything that is available now. If you have any thoughts about what you would like to see, we would love to hear your ideas.

We do discreetly promote our own funeral arranging services at the bottom of the site. But we have no intention of introducing any third-party advertising to the platform.

Ready to get started?

Start making arrangements

Whether you need to arrange a funeral for a loved one, or would like to plan ahead for yourself, please do call us at any time of day or night. Or you are welcome to pop into any of our offices to arrange an initial meeting.

What to do when somebody dies

Guidance on the practical steps you will need to take following the death of a loved one and information about financial support.

A guide to our funeral charges

As part of our commitment to making payment work for you, we aim to be as transparent and open as possible about all our fees and any third party fees as possible.

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