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Donations in memoriam

If you wish to collect charitable donations, we can provide you with a fee-free service at no extra charge.

How our service works

  • Beneficiaries

    You let us know which charities we should be collecting donations for. It can be as many or as few as you wish.

  • Donations

    People can either donate online by card or they can send us a cheque made payable to the relevant charity. We can also provide collection boxes for use during the funeral.

  • Duration

    The donations service is made available once funeral arrangements have been agreed. Online and cheque donations remain available for four weeks after the funeral.

  • Collation

    We collate the donations, Gift Aid paperwork and any cheques then forward it all on to the charities on your behalf.

  • Donors

    We put together a list of donors and share it with you in case you wish to thank them personally. A sum of all donations for each charity is also provided.

Useful information

We do not charge any fees for or make any deductions from any of the donations that we process. We prefer that the charity gets the full benefit of every donation instead.

If you wish to collect cash donations at the service, we can supply you with collection boxes. We are happy to transport the collections for you after the service, even if you wish to deal with cash donations yourself.

Our online service automates the Gift Aid declaration paperwork when a donor states they are eligible. We do not currently offer Gift Aid on cheque donations, but donors can contact the relevant charity directly to make a declaration if they wish.

Looking to make a donation?

To make a donation in memoriam for a funeral we are arranging, you need to first search for it using our online service. On the information page for the funeral, you will find a section about making donations.

Start making arrangements

Whether you need to arrange a funeral for a loved one, or would like to plan ahead for yourself, please do call us at any time of day or night. Or you are welcome to pop into any of our offices to arrange an initial meeting.

What to do when somebody dies

Guidance on the practical steps you will need to take following the death of a loved one and information about financial support.

A guide to our funeral charges

As part of our commitment to making payment work for you, we aim to be as transparent and open as possible about all our fees and any third party fees as possible.

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